Dynamatic Aerospace® records Perfect Score at AS 9100 Audit

The Aerospace division of Dynamatic Technologies has achieved total compliance to AS 9100 Rev B standards in the continuation audit conducted by UL on 9th & 10th March 2010. This is yet another significant achievement for Dynamatic Aerospace®, who is a recognized leader in the Indian private sector for the development of exacting Airframe Structures and Precision Aerospace Components.

Dynamatic Aerospace® commenced its efforts towards achieving its AS 9100 certification from UL Inc in 2004, shortly after the release of the AS9100 Rev B standards. By October 2005, the Aerospace Division was prepared for UL’s Gap Analysis, and, subsequently, underwent its first certification audit in February 2006. In a matter of weeks, the Aerospace Quality Team was able address the NCRs from the certification audit, and, in March 2006, Dynamatic Technologies was recommended for AS 9100 certification being the Company in the Indian private sector to have achieved this milestone.

Since receiving its AS 9100 certification in 2006, the Aerospace Division of Dynamatic Technologies has left no stone unturned to achieve total compliance. From 71% in 2006, the compliance status steadily rose to 81% in 2007, 94.8% in 2008, 97.15 % in 2009 and finally, reached 100% in 2010. This achievement is a testimony to the Company’s commitment to quality and the capabilities of its resources.

Incidentally, Dynamatic Technologies is also NADCAP certified for Heat Treatment and, Liquid Penetrant Inspection, and, retains one of India’s two NADCAP Heat Treatment Auditors as the Head of Aerospace Quality.

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