Team Spirit reviews Flap Track Beam Project at Dynamatic Aerospace®

The Spirit AeroSystems Team comprising of Scot McLarty, Director Operations & Human Resources, Helen Fulton, Head of Projects – Power 8, Craig Stewart, Project Manager – UK Power 8 Transfer & Andrew Middleditch, Senior Purchasing Manager, visited Dynamatic Technologies from 1st to 4th March 2010 for the biannual operations review of the Airbus Single Aisle A320/321 Flap Track Beam Project.

The Aerospace division of Dynamatic Technologies has been steadily ramping up production since the first set of the Flap Track Beams was handed over Spirit AeroSystems in May 2009 and has dispatched 70 sets to date. Remarking on their experience during the review, Scot McLarty commented “ One cannot help but be impressed by the air of professionalism that prevails at Dynamatic Technologies. The accelerated pace at which Dynamatic Technologies has expanded its facilities and enhanced its capabilities for the FTB project has helped create a strong, powerful partnership between the two companies.”

Helen Fulton commended the Dynamatic Technologies FTB project team on the progress made, observing that “Dynamatic Technologies and Spirit are partners in the truest sense of the word. The interactions between the two teams have been extremely open, proactive and characterized by a remarkable lack of fear that enables both, Dynamatic Technologies and Spirit, to positively challenge one another.”

Members of Team Dynamatic Technologies with Craig Stewart, Project Manager – UK Power 8 Transfer, Andrew Middleditch, Senior Purchasing Manager , Helen Fulton, Head of Projects – Power 8 & Scot McLarty, Director Operations & Human Resources

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