Cummins USA sources Heavy-Duty Water Pumps from JKM Daerim®

In a highly significant development, JKM Daerim® has commenced commercial despatches of heavy-duty Water Pumps to Cummins Komatsu Engine Company (CKEC). Cummins Komatsu Engine Company (CKEC) is a joint venture between Cummins, USA, and Komatsu, Japan, and has its manufacturing facilities in USA.

The QST 30 water pump is fitted on the high-horsepower (HHP) engines (over 150 HP) manufactured by CKEC and is part of a broad programme for supply of a range of Water Pumps for CKEC’s HHP product portfolio. JKM Daerim® has been identified as a single-source for this vast range of pumps.  The development of other pumps is in progress and JKM Daerim® expects to commence dispatches in the coming months. Dynamatic Hydraulics™, a division of Dynamatic Technologies Limited, based in Bangalore, manufactures the Lub-oil Pump for this range.

The water pumps are made to demanding standards with a large number of ‘poke-yokes’ developed and integrated with the manufacturing process to ensure a high degree of durability and reliability.

Cummins is now in talks with JKM Daerim® and Dynamatic Hydraulics™ for the sourcing of pumps and other products to meet the requirements of their plants in UK.

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