JKM Dae Rim® Rides the Global Sourcing Wave

Capitalising on the opportunities thrown up by the emergence of India as a sourcing hub for International Auto Majors, JKM Dae Rim® has been exploiting growth opportunities in the export markets by successfully developing and delivering products to Ford, John Deere, Honeywell-Garrett and Cummins.

The Company has commenced commercial supplies of ‘Joystick’ control handles for Skid Steer Loaders to John Deere Dubuque Works and also, the supply of oil pumps for Ford’s ROCAM engines being manufactured in South Africa and India. Incidentally, JKM Dae Rim® is the first Company from India to be a part of Ford International Purchase Operations (IPO) strategy for sourcing of critical engine parts.

JKM Dae Rim® has also developed Compressor Housings for HONEYWELL-GARRETT, the world’s largest producer of Turbochargers. The anticipated total volume of business is 750,000 housings per annum, which makes JKM Dae Rim® a recognised key strategic partner for Honeywell’s worldwide requirements of Compressor Housings.

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