Dynamatic Technologies Extends Flap Track Beam Business to Airbus Long Range Aircraft (A330)

Dynamatic Technologies Limited has received an Aero Structures Contract from Airbus for the supply of Flap Track Beams for the Airbus Long Range Aircraft (A330 Family) variants, which makes it the first company in the Indian Private sector to become a Global Tier One supplier to Airbus. Dynamatic has been producing Flap Track Beam assemblies for the Airbus Single Aisle (A320) Aircraft Family on a global single source basis since 2008 as a Tier II supplier to Airbus. The new business award will establish Dynamatic as a Center of Excellence for the production of Flap Track Beams.

“Our cooperation and partnership with Dynamatic grows from strength to strength,” said Srinivasan Dwarakanath, Airbus India CEO, “We are delighted that with this agreement Dynamatic becomes one of the Global Tier One suppliers to Airbus.”

The Flaps on the wings, which are instrumental in controlling the speed, direction and balance of the aircraft, move along high tech guide rails known as the Flap Track Beams. These Flap Track Beams are Class 1 Flight Critical Assemblies that are connected to the wings. Dynamatic Technologies Ltd. will supply four out of the five Flap Track Beams per A330 wing.

“The Long Range Flap Track Beam order is a significant milestone and validates our ability to deliver high quality work in Aeronautic manufacturing” said Udayant Malhoutra, CEO and Managing Director, Dynamatic Technologies Limited ”Our facilities in India and the UK are completely synchronised with Airbus’s supply chain and geared to meet their expectations. It is a challenge and a great honour.“

Assembly of Flap Track Beams for the Airbus Single Aisle (A320 Family) Aircraft at Dynamatic-Oldland Aerospace™, Bangalore

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