Former Director N Gopalakrishnan launches Book on Lean Manufacturing at Dynamatic Technologies

B Seshnath, Executive Director & Chief Marketing Officer-Dynamatic Technologies, N Gopalakrishnan, Former Executive Director –Dynamatic Technologies, and Udayant Malhoutra – C.E.O & Managing Director –Dynamatic Technologies, at the release of the book ‘Simplified Lean Manufacture: Elements, Rules, Tools And Implementation’

N Gopalakrishnan, the former Executive Director of Dynamatic Technologies, launched his first book on Lean Manufacture ‘Simplified Lean Manufacture: Elements, Rules, Tools And Implementation,’ at Dynamatic Technologies on 20th February 2010.

N Gopalakrishnan has been associated with Dynamatic Technologies since 1994, when he came on board Team Dynamatic Technologies as the Chief of Operations. He was, subsequently, appointed to the Board of Directors as Executive Director responsible for the Company’s operations in Bangalore, a position he held till his departure in 2002.

Speaking on the occasion, Gopal said “My book on Lean Manufacturing has been greatly inspired by the learnings acquired when I, as a part of the Dynamatic Technologies team, had the opportunity to study first-hand the use of lean manufacture in Japan and Korea, and apply it to the business when Dynamatic Technologies established its manufacturing plant for Automotive Components. The book also reflects the knowledge acquired through the improvements carried out by us at Dynamatic Technologies during my long stint here as Chief Of Operations and Executive Director and therefore, it is a matter of great pride and pleasure for me to be able to launch my book here at Dynamatic Technologies and discuss the various elements of the book with the leadership team of Dynamatic Technologies”.

The book ‘Simplified Lean Manufacture: Elements, Rules, Tools And Implementation,’ was released by the Dynamatic Technologies C.E.O & Managing Director, Udayant Malhoutra and was followed by an interactive presentation on the key elements of the book, which Gopal made to his former colleagues from the Dynamatic Technologies Leadership team.

In recognition of the important role Gopal had played in the growth of Dynamatic Technologies to its present day stature, Udayant Malhoutra presented the Dynamatic Technologies Leadership Award to Gopal remarking “During his decade here, Gopal was a bundle of energy, contributing greatly to the growth of our company during a crucial period. It is incredible watching him now years later, energy undiminished, going about his work as a consultant and an author…when most people his age are relaxing at home. He’s amazing.”

The event concluded with a book signing ceremony.

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