Dynamatic Technologies inks Agreement with Reuben Power Plc to develop EV Charging Points for National Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure in UK

Reuben Vurdien, CEO – Reuben Power, & Udayant Malhoutra, CEO & Managing Director – Dynamatic Technologies, at the signing ceremony

Dynamatic Technologies has signed an exclusive agreement with Reuben Power PLC to create a new driving force in the world of motoring, starting with establishing a national electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure network in the United Kingdom.

The agreement which was signed on 21st January 2010 in the presence of the UK Trade Minster Lord Mervyn Davies, during the course of his visit to the Dynamatic Technologies facilities in Swindon, will help fast track the much talked about need for national infrastructure in UK to facilitate the adoption of EV’s into the mainstream.

Reuben Vurdien, CEO of Reuben Power explains, “It’s time to stop focusing on the chicken and egg conundrum of which should come first: mass EV’s, or a significant charging network. We will deliver the latter starting this year, with a fast paced roll out of charging points that can fully charge a typical EV within 60 minutes, about the time of an average shopping trip. Our initial ambition is to see us install one million points across the UK.”

Reuben Power, who is poised to emerge as a world leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, is one of the few licensed electricity suppliers in the UK and is perfectly placed to manage every facet of the EV infrastructure from design, through to installation, electricity supply and customer service. They will act as an all in one operator for the installation, operation and maintenance of the charging points, as well as directly supplying the electricity and billing drivers for recharging their EV’s.

Dynamatic Technologies’s engineering and manufacturing track record in the automotive industry, amongst others, will see it design, develop and manufacture the charging point to Reuben Power’s requirements, on an exclusive worldwide remit.

Reuben Vurdien further explains “This is a world of win-win partnerships offering benefits and rewards to every single stakeholder involved, from early adopters ‘hosting’ the infrastructure charging points, to consumers, car manufacturers, the business community, and the environment. This isn’t green hype, this is real action that makes commercial sense for all whilst at the same time helping to tackle and reducing CO² emissions.”

Toby Malhoutra, Managing Director and CEO of Dynamatic Technologies Limited, explains, “We bring both design capabilities as well as precision engineering excellence to this partnership, and will support Reuben Power’s global vision for an enduring EV charging network. This is an innovation centric business, and we are excited about the speed to market that should flow from it.”

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