Powermetric® Obtains CEMILAC Certification

Powermetric® Design has successfully obtained the Design Approval Certification from the Center for Military Airworthiness & Certification (CEMILAC).

CEMILAC was established in 1995 to consolidate air certification work, and, is one of DRDO’s significant agencies vested with the responsibility of airworthiness and certification of Military Aircraft and Airborne Stores. The CEMILAC certification which is mandatory for defense & aerospace design, will enable Powermetric® Design to undertake design and development in the areas of Static & Dynamic Analysis, Geometric Modelling and Manufacturing Drawings, Tooling Design, Sheet Metal Processing and NC programming of Air-Frame components. With Powermetric® Design now being eligible to undertake design for the Indian Government’s defense and aerospace programmes, the team hopes to participate more in national projects.

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