FIAT Certifies JKM Automotive™ As Potential Global Supplier

JKM Automotive’s successful business entry into FIAT India Automobiles Limited, the TATA-FIAT joint venture company in India, has placed it in the unique position of being certified a potential global supplier for the FIAT Group. On 18th April, 2009, an auditor from FIAT had visited JKM Automotive™ to conduct the Potential Supplier Assessment (PSA) Audit. The successful completion of the PSA Audit will enable FIAT to start sharing RFQs with JKM Automotive™ for their global sourcing requirements.

It might be remembered that JKM Automotive™ had received orders for Fork Shifts from FIAT India Automobiles Limited in July 2008. The prototypes submitted by our automotive division are currently undergoing tests in Italy and commercial roduction is expected to commence by September 2009.

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