Hyundai-DTL: Partners in progress

JKM Dae Rim Automotive Limited (JDAL), our joint venture with Dae Rim, Korea, has widely expanded its facilities for manufacturing precision engine components for yet another of Hyundai’s latest models in India – The Accent. The company will supply 12 critical components – the oil pump, water pump, inlet manifold, exhaust manifold, fork shifts and cap camshafts to Hyundai.

Accent is a four door, high performance, luxury sedan that made its debut in India in October last year. It is built to meet the exacting demands of developed markets and brings cutting edge automobile technology to the country. Twin Tumble PortTM, 12-valve MPFI engine with Dual Fire Digital IgnitionTM, Super DynatracTM four wheel independent suspension and Lo DragTM aerodynamic styling are some of the features that harmoniously blend latest technology with style to give the customer the best.

We are proud to be so deeply involved in Hyundai’s phenomenal success in our country with both the Santro and the Accent.

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