Dynamatic Technologies has been supplying flight critical Flap-Track-Beam Assemblies to Airbus for the past 17 years, first as Tier II and then as Tier I. 
Today Dynamatic produces Flap-Track-Beam Assemblies on a global single source basis directly for the A330 aircraft and indirectly for the A320 Family aircraft, with a track record of perfect quality and on-time delivery making Dynamatic a center of excellence for this critical product for Airbus.

Today, Dynamatic Technologies is pleased to announce a new contract with Airbus to manufacture and supply the main passenger doors, service doors, cargo doors and over-wing emergency exit doors for the A220. Aircraft doors are critical structures, incorporating advanced technologies to meet the stringent requirements for safety and overall efficiency.

This contract not only marks a significant milestone, but also showcases the success of the Make in India initiative. Over the past decade, Airbus and Dynamatic have collaborated to develop a fully qualified ecosystem of over 100 aerospace companies ranging from MSME to Large scale organizations. This contract will fully leverage the strength of the Indian aerospace ecosystem to deeply industrialize airplane doors for the global aviation industry. 
Dynamatic intends to work with large supplier-partners like Mahindra Aerostructure, Motherson Aerospace, Aequs, Wipro Aerospace and Ferra Aerospace. By utilizing India’s cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing facilities, Dynamatic will ensure the doors meet the highest quality standards demanded by Airbus.

“This export award is amongst the largest ever placed on an Indian manufacturer by any Global Aviation OEM, and is a strong testament to Make-In-India. We are delighted to have been chosen by Airbus to produce the doors for the A220, which is the most advanced and efficient aircraft in its class. Our partnership with Airbus reinforces our position as aglobally trusted supplier of aerospace components. This time around, we have an added advantage of a mature and capable ecosystem that has developed in India and we plan to work collaboratively with our local manufacturing partners to deliver high quality and innovation – Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas.”

Mr. Udayant Malhoutra, CEO and Managing Director of Dynamatic Technologies